Lancaster is a cosmetics house founded in 1946. Their primary concern since then has been beauty and development of products to enhance and prolong natural beauty. The house has expanded through years and is now appreciated as a leading house in international luxury cosmetics, and also in the selective Sun care market.

The mission of Lancaster has always been to be women’s companion through every stage of their lives. They strive to create innovative, honest, efficient and pleasing products that enable you to prolong and enhance youthful radiance. The house focuses on three fields of production: Skincare, Sun Care and Makeup. All products are characteristic for exceptional ingredients, futuristic technology and delicious textures. Lancaster is proud of their eye-catching mottos: The DNA of beauty, Visions of beauty, Innovation in motion and Pioneering science.

Sensuality, Safety and Pleasure: three words which have always defined Lancaster Suncare, launched in 1971. 35 years of experience have established Lancaster as the Suncare Specialist and leader thanks to 2 innovations: protection innovation with proven anti-free radical efficiency; tanning innovation (prepare, accelerate, prolong). Highly innovative, those products meet women’s needs in the sun through a very extended range, a wide range of textures and SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Lancaster introduced yet another revolution onto the market. It was one of the earliest brands to incorporate UVA protection ahead of its time to maintain all of the skin’s youthfulness. In 2008, UVA Filters become regulatory in Europe and part of the standard in sun protection.

Lancaster is still at the forehead of innovation with the launch of the Full Light Technology. In 2016 Lancaster features its broadest sun protection ever to target 100% of sun rays: UVB, UVA, Visible Light & Infrared rays.