Jil Sander, an iconic brand, symbol of quality and authenticity. The Jil Sander brand was founded in Germany in 1973 as a traditional fashion house by Jil Sander a minimalist designer, who became famous thanks to her sophisticated and elaborate cuts sans unnecessary elements or colors for which she was even awarded in her native Germany. Sander’s fashions emphasized a minimalist aesthetic and precision-cut lines that placed the focus on the luxurious fabrics of the garments. The collections consisted of separates that could be easily mixed, matched and layered. Somewhat out of step (or perhaps ahead of) the over-the-top, exaggerated fashions that dominated the 1980s, Sander nonetheless developed a cult following and fully hit her stride in the 1990s. Her company’s stock went public in 1989 and allowed for the worldwide distribution of her fashions and an expansion into menswear.

Originally, this brand produced mainly clothing but gradually started to focus on other products due to customer demand. Fragrances were already being offered by Jil Sander with her first launched in 1979. Similar to clothing, Jil Sander perfumes are luxurious with quality composition. Most well known lines are Jil Sander for Men, Sun for Men, Sport Woman,Simply and Strictly.