Jean Paul Gaultier saving the (fashion) world for 40 years. An icon of Frenchy culture, his theatrical personality and free-flowing charm are a seductive force. On the design front, his childhood fascination with clothes eventually led him to work with the biggest pop icons of our time. As a visionary, he broke with the need to be himself, revealing as much eccentricity as familiarity. But above all, Jean Paul Gaultier remains passionate and driven by boundless creativity. An inspiration for some, a ‘sentimental punk’ to others; but an ‘enfant terrible’? Most definitely

Jean Paul Gaultier is a French fashion designer whose first collection was presented in 1976. Having no formal training in fashion design, he began his career at a young age by sending his sketches to famous couture designers of the day. Pierre Cardin and Jean Patou are among the designers who recognized his talent and helped him get started in the business. Known as the enfant terrible of fashion, Gaultier’s designs run the gamut from street wear to haute couture. He introduced skirts for men in the 1980s and designed the distinctive cone bra worn by Madonna in the early 1990s.

The first perfume of the Gaultier house was launched in 1993—the famous Jean Paul Gaultier EDP for women, whose name was subsequently changed to Classique. Classique was followed by Le Male in 1995, and Fragile in 1999. All of them were known for their peculiar packaging and unusual compositions. Limited edition flankers have been released for many of the fragrances, featuring new “fashions” for the bottles. Jean Paul Gaultier produces fragrances in conjunction with Beaute Prestige International.

Jean Paul Gaultier produces fragrances in conjunction with PUIG since 2016.

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