The Zino Davidoff Group is a Swiss-based family business whose commitment to offer ultimate quality is embodied by timepieces, writing instruments, leather accessories, perfumes, eyewear, coffee and cognac. Quality, luxury, pleasure, exclusivity, dream are key values of the Davidoff brand, but what makes it so different is its unique “Art de Vivre”. From design, inspiration and craftsmanship – the goal is to provide ultimate quality and reliability. Today Davidoff is an invitation to explore the intense sensations of life.

Products bearing the DAVIDOFF brand must represent the finest quality, style and positive lifestyle embraced by the company founder Zino Davidoff himself. This visionary businessman and the enthusiastic traveler explored the world for inspiration, always in quest for superior quality. Today, the DAVIDOFF brand resonates throughout the globe as one of the ultimate touchstones for exclusivity. Superior quality and authenticity make DAVIDOFF a synonym for cosmopolitan luxury.

The legacy of DAVIDOFF’s unique sense of quality and art de vivre is reflected in each DAVIDOFF fragrance. Since the launch of the first fragrance – DAVIDOFF Classic – in 1984, the brand has become one of the most iconic fragrance brands. Cool Water debuted in 1988 and has since been one of the best selling men’s scents on the market. The company eventually produced more versions of the cologne under the same name. Capitalizing on its success, he launched Cool Water for Women.

With Horizon and the latest launch, Horizon Extreme Davidoff wanted to reach a new territory, different but complementary to Cool Water. With Cool Water, we inspire ourselves from the man diving in the ocean … with Horizon we are with the man reaching new heights.