Collistar was founded in Milan in 1983 as the cosmetics division of a leading Italian pharmaceutical company and soon became an extremely successful international “beauty brand”. The consolidation of this position came in 2003, when it became leader of the global beauty market, a position that it has maintained for over 13 consecutive years.

Guided from the outset by the strategic vision of Daniela Sacerdote, over the years it has become the brand we are all familiar with: characterized by a strong dedication to beauty and, at the same time, characterized by a fundamental component of scientific innovation.
Collistar products are sold all around the world: in Italy the brand is stocked by approximately 2500 perfumeries and all department stores and abroad it is sold in over 3000 retail outlets.

Today, after over 30 years, Collistar continues to build on its relationship with consumers, who love it and choose it every day because of the unique attention the brand dedicates to their needs, according to which it develops products with a high content of creativity each and every day. Those who buy Collistar do not simply buy a product or service. They embrace its philosophy. They enter the world it make possible.




In 2014 Collistar launched a project that is first and foremost a positive message for the made in Italy sector, a celebration of the stunning beauty of its lands, its boundless millenary culture, the know-how of its talents, its creativity and passion.

More than ever before, with this project, Collistar promotes the use in its products of Italian ingredients, one of the brand’s distinguishing features. This involves sponsoring research in partnership with the University of Siena, in order to develop active ingredients contained in plants that are native to Italy. A new method for the Italian prestige perfumery sector which, for the first time, is committed to promoting the country’s excellent products.

Collistar declares its love for the ‘bel paese’ with a new line of products: a special collection incorporating the high-quality ingredients that can be found in Italy, exclusive starting materials from which it is possible to extract valuable active ingredients for skincare.

The “Ti Amo Italia” project also sees a singular and unique fusion of different worlds, a fatal attraction that in 2014 led to the creation of a make-up capsule collection, whose packaging was designed by the iconic style of Antonio Marras, Italian fashion pioneer. After fashion, it was time for design: a partnership with Kartell was launched in the following year: for the first time, a beauty brand and design brand have joined forces to create a make-up collection. 2016 is the year of the most unexpected partnership: Collistar and Fiat 500, two flagships of the Made in Italy brand, come together to form Ti Amo 500, an iconic and elegant make – up collection, which captures the unmistakable style and flare of the two brands.